Thursday, November 1, 2007

Some stuff from this summer...

So much of what's kept me busy this past summer I can't show just yet! My second illustrated book from Picture Window Books is due out next spring, so I'll be happy to share then.

Although it is in Really Good Stuff's signature style, I created the artwork to recently published "Groundhog Day Surprises". It's another one of their readers' theaters and is done in Adobe Illustrator.

One of the fun quick projects I did this past Father's Day was a new card design for my dad. It was a quick sketch that I colored in Photoshop. My hubby, not to be outdone for his dad's card, asked me to make the little girl bear into a boy, and that the bears be in a boat. So, here are my two versions of "Bearly Fishing".

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Rebecha said...

Are these cards available for sale? This would be the perfect card for my dad because he is a fisherman.

I love your blog, btw.